Cooperative Trust

The Governing Bodies of the following local primary schools: Badger Hill, Belmont, Chaloner, Galley Hill, Highcliffe, Lingdale, Lockwood, Handale and Whitecliffe, have changed their legal category from community to foundation school; and at the same time have acquired a charitable trust status, to be known as the East Cleveland Learning Trust. This trust, which is a co-operative membership trust, holds each school’s land and assets in trust, in this case with a strong mutual element. A Trust School is a local authority maintained school which is supported by a charitable Trust. To become a Trust school, schools must adopt their own foundation eg community schools need to change their category to become a foundation school. This Trust then appoints some of the governors to serve on the school governing body.

To access the report from the consultation period and proposal of changes please click to the following links:


A summary of the public consultation.


A detailed report of the changes to your school.