Our Vision



Our Aims

At Belmont Primary School, we offer a warm, welcoming and safe environment in order that we can achieve our key aims:

  • Ensure that children are equipped with appropriate life skills, both academic and otherwise
  • Inspire children to develop a lifelong enthusiasm for learning
  • Children become confident learners, developing a sense of pride and self-respect
  • Ensure that all children are treated as individuals, receiving any support or guidance they may specifically need
  • Value the importance of partnerships. These include those with parents and carers as well as within the local community
  • Provide extensive opportunities for children to engage in wider opportunities in such activities as music and sport
  • Appreciate the diversity of cultures and beliefs in the world around us in order that children can contribute to a respectful society within which we live
  • Motivate all learners, ensuring they aspire to be the best they can be in all that they do and achieve to the very best of their ability.

Vision and Values

Belmont Primary School is a foundation school which provides what we believe to be a high standard of education for children from Nursery through to Year Six. In September 2020, we opened a newly built extension to the school allowing us to become a full two form entry primary school.

The school is made up of two buildings on one large site. We have extensive outdoor space and a wonderful view of the Cleveland Hills, something which is frequently commented upon by visitors to the school. Further to this, we also have three playgrounds, a lovely wildlife area and a small garden which is tended by the children.

We aim to provide the children within the school with a wide range of learning opportunities, both in and out of the classroom. Our curriculum is both broad and balanced, allowing the children to gain experiences in a number of areas. Children have the opportunity to become members of a range of extra-curricular clubs involving sport and music and, to support this further, the school invests heavily in wider opportunities in these areas.

Belmont Golden Guidelines

 At Belmont, we want everybody to feel happy and safe. To help achieve this, we have the ‘Golden Guidelines’:

  • Treat everybody with respect. Speak to people and treat people kindly and in the same way you would like to be spoken to and treated.
  • Ensure you look after equipment so it does not get damaged.
  • Work hard and always try the very best you can.
  • Move safely around school to try to prevent accidents happening.
  • Always be honest. Sometimes things go wrong but if you tell people what happened, they will respect you for it!

Ultimately, we look to instil one key objective and that is very much to treat others in the same way we ourselves would like to be treated.