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Our Team

In this section you will find out all about our wonderful team.

From teachers to support staff you can find information about all the people involved in making our school work, and what their role is in making Belmont such a great place to be.


Head Teacher:                                   Mr Christopher Gibson

Deputy Head Teacher:                     Mrs Samantha Noble

Assistant Head Teacher:                 Miss Catherine Sunderland


Mrs Natalie Lynas,                              Mrs Lucinda Hughes,              Mrs Sophie Hugill,

Miss Bethany Keatley,                        Miss Laura Fysh,                    Mrs Nicola Hawthorne,

Miss Rachel Cook,                              Miss Amy Schumm,                Mrs Sarah Fawkes,

Mrs Tracey Spears,                            Miss Rebecca Mosscrop,       Mr Carl Wood,

Miss Catherine Sunderland,               Mrs Zoe Leather,                    Mr Sam Gowland,

Mr Luke Harper,                                  Miss Maisie MacSween

High Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs Jayne Jones,                               Mrs Dawn Biles,                      Mrs Nicola Flint

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Adele Turner,                               Mrs Helen Tebble,                  Mrs Marianne Hitchen,

Mrs Jayne Flintoff,                              Mrs Emma Simpson,              Miss Gemma Jackson,

Mrs Phillipa Cooper,                           Mrs Karen Worthy,                  Mrs Sarah Swales,

Mrs Claire Duncan,                             Miss Stacey Blackett,             Mrs Ruth Smith

Business Manager:                           Mrs Linda Allen

Administration Staff

Mrs Rachael Robinson,                      Mrs Ann Brown,                      Mrs Jillian Simpson

Premises Manager:                           Mr Steven Magor

Cleaning Staff

Mrs Sandra Edwards,                         Mrs Jane Suggitt,                    Mrs Caroline Thompson, Mrs Sarah Lofthouse

Lunchtime Supervisory Staff

Mrs Anne-Marie Cook,                       Mrs Emma Simpson,              Mrs Jillian Simpson,

Miss Gemma Jackson,                       Mrs Jayne Flintoff,                  Mrs Gail Raynor,

Miss Stacey Blackett,                         Mrs Ruth Smith,                      Mrs Emma Stevenson,

Mr Arran Lincoln